Modern Compliance

NordCheck compliance solutions help organizations to meet regulations and stay compliant

Modern compliance is a combination of responsibility, compliance and ethics.

NordCheck provides a state-of-the-art platform for comprehensive compliance management. Poorly managed compliance decreases efficiency, increases regulatory and PR risks, as well as reduces employee and customer satisfaction. NordCheck offers the platform with various solutions to customers in co-operation with its partners.

Modern compliance is all about leading reputation – effectively and transparently.
Reputation is an increasingly important part of a company’s overall value.

The business environment is more and more complex and dynamic. Regulation, quality, and sustainability requirements are increasing. The ability to react, report correctly, and be transparent is becoming critical. Our product is a unique management solution for modern compliance. Our compliance management integrates with legacy systems effectively providing means to manage all key compliance data within organizations. With our solution, combining all relevant information it is possible to lead development and protect the value creation of business at all levels. It is modular, comprehensive, easy-to-implement, industry agnostic, dynamic, and evolving fast.

Growing number of regulations and standards

Regulatory requirements applying to a variety of businesses are increasing. Penalties for non-compliance are getting higher, increasing regulatory risks. Violations are often accompanied by severe PR risks in addition to damages.

Sustainability issues, such as environmental matters, will have a significant impact on the financing of businesses and investments.

Broader picture

Today, Compliance requires a more strategic, comprehensive approach than adopted so far. Compliance is a matter at the C-level due to risks, costs, and the strategic importance of compliance and sustainability requirements that cannot be ignored.

The fundamental approach is to bring different functions, different defence lines on the same platform. The one-platform approach provides a dramatic improvement in efficiency and impact.


Benefits of intelligent risk management

Benefits of intelligent risk management

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