Have you noticed that something is missing?

Are you confident with your company’s compliance processes? There’s a great potential available for companies struggling with compliance matters and willing to get added value to their operations and existing certification practices. Now when laws, regulations and standards continually transform to fit the current social, political and economic landscape, also the companies face the challenge to adapt their daily operations effectively to the updated requirements.

This is where the 2014 published ISO 19600 international standard is right in place. ISO 19600 offers to a wide range of companies a systematic and comprehensive way to manage compliance as a continuous process. Wisely ISO 19600 Compliance Management Standard is also aligned with the major ISO standards (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001). In case company is already certified with the existing major ISO certifications, it’s as smooth as possible to integrate also ISO 19600 practices from the standard point of view.

However, ISO 19600 offers also smaller companies a practical approach to get guidelines to set up a compliance system that fits company’s purpose. ISO 19600 is a great option to develop and implement an effective compliance management system and get the first touch of what ISO standards are about.

ISO 19600 serves a positive approach to establish company’s compliance management system and culture. It does not specify mandatory requirements, but it provides guidance on compliance management systems and recommended daily activities. Benefits of implementing 19600 guides are to convince customers, business partners and other stakeholders, and also to create more effective, standardized and integrated business processes.                                                               

We have been wondering at NordCheck why the ISO 19600 has not been recognized more widely this far? It’s time for visionary leaders to step up! NordCheck has reacted to the need and offers compliance maturity assessments to study what the compliance is about in the company, what compliance activities are already in place, what is in target and how compliance management and culture could be further developed.

Writer Elina Konttinen is Industry Compliance Advisor at NordCheck Oy.