Automated compliance solutions – powered by leading technology

What we do

 NordCheck provides a state-of-the-art platform for comprehensive compliance management. Poorly managed compliance decreases efficiency, increases regulatory and PR risks, as well as reduces employee and customer satisfaction. NordCheck offers the platform with various solutions to customers in co-operation with its partners.

NordCheck compliance solutions are powered by a technology praised by the analysts in Enterprise Content Management and industry specialists. NordCheck compliance solutions enable seamless integrations with legacy systems.

Today’s Compliance drivers

Well-managed compliance brings competitive advantage manifesting as well-functioning work culture internally and as growing trust from customers towards company’s business.

Growing number of regulations and standards

Regulatory requirements applying to a variety of businesses are increasing, in addition to contractual requirements enforcing industry standards. Penalties for non-compliance are getting higher increasing regulatory risks. Violations are often accompanied with severe PR risks in addition to damages.

Sustainability issues, such as environmental matters, will have a huge impact on financing of businesses and investments. New requirements for transparency are deeply penetrating every aspects of businesses including their supply chains.

Broader picture

Today, compliance requires more strategic, comprehensive approach than adopted so far. Compliance is a matter at the C-level due to risks, costs and strategic importance of compliance and sustainability requirements that cannot be ignored.

Key approach is to bring, concerning larger enterprises and financial institutions, different defense lines on the same platform. This provides a dramatic improvement in efficiency and impact, transforming also internal audit from retrospective operational model to dynamic, well-integrated part of daily business.  

Holistic Compliance – Corporate processes and E2E Compliance

We propose adopting holistic view to compliance, quality and sustainability  – providing effective means to define and implement compliance strategy, integrate risk management to processes and existing systems, put meaningful controls in place, improve transparency and reporting.

Effectiveness & Meaningfulness

Key aspect is to let valuable professionals to focus on their subject matter effectively and reduce time consuming, routine, manual work. Our approach and solutions help organizations to take a leap in meaningfulness and effectiveness of their work.

Compliance construes of a number of layers and views – risk analysis, assessments, different internal and external functions, incident management, reporting and implementation of new requirements etc. It is difficult, even impossible to have well-designed, effective approach to compliance through implementing one requirement after another as it piles up point solutions and leads to fragmented operations.

Visionary compliance

  • Reflecting regulatory requirements out of historical technical context to apply them without burden of history
  • Avoiding dogmatic, burdensome practices that are not eventually needed or required
  • Recognizing and adapting best practices in a low-key manner
  • Moving away from complex models to more simplified and modern approach


Janne Järvenoja

CEO, Chairman of the board

M-Files: Head of Legal – Avanade (Accenture): Legal director of Compliance & GRC specialist & Subject Matter Expert

Kai Linnervuo

COO, Member of the board

Business IT Executive and Corporate business processes specialist – M-Files: Strategic Account Manager – Director of Sales at EUnet, Fujitsu, Finnet group and HP

Esa Kanninen


Advice and growth specialist – VP of Venture operations, Sales Director, Head of strategy at TSF, Satama interactive and ISS