CEO and Founder of NordCheck Janne Järvenoja has been invited to be a key speaker at the Business Ethics Day 2020. The topic of Janne’s presentation will be Instant Megatrend – How Covid is forcing a change in compliance management. Janne’s presentation will take place at 1.30 pm on track 1.

Janne has an extensive compliance background with two legal degrees incl. from UC Berkeley as Fulbright Scholar. With an emphasis on law and economics and legal theory, he has an exceptional insight into the complex world of regulation, risks, and norms in the transforming contemporary world of today’s business.

Discussion on challenges and opportunities related to corporate conduct

The theme of Business Ethics Day 2020 is the rise of speak-up culture. According to the organizers of the event, ethical companies seem to outperform in their markets over the long term, and business ethics can be a real competitive advantage for the companies that take it seriously. 

One of the founding elements of business ethics and sustainability is a corporate culture that enables people to share their concerns and mistakes, especially those that occur in the gray zone. According to a recent study, Nordic Business Ethics Survey 2019, the most critical issue in Nordic companies is that employees do not dare speak up about their ethical concerns. 

At the event, ethics & compliance professionals will discuss the challenges and opportunities related to corporate conduct, ethics, and sustainability.

Network promoting responsible business conduct

Business Ethics Day is an annual event organized by the Nordic Business Ethics platform, following up publishing Ethics Survey. The platform consists of various activities, all aiming for raising the awareness of what business ethics is and providing various tools and means for working with building stronger and responsible organizations, businesses, and workplaces.

The mission of the Nordic Business Ethics platform is to provide inspiration and insights relating to business ethics and thereby impact and support individuals and organizations.

The purpose of the network is to promote responsible business conduct, support business leaders and professionals who share our passion for building more responsible businesses and organizations through building best practices, sharing lessons learned, and facilitating dialogue and networking.

Members of the network are individuals and organizations with a desire to advance, build, and develop responsible and strong organizations and businesses.

Business Ethics Day will be organized online. Participants are able to follow the event via Event App.  Find out more about the Business Ethics Day and sign in at