Holistic and automated compliance management of all key business processes



NordCheck provides a selection of expert services for customers to form a big picture of organization’s current compliance performance. Expert services play an important change management role when there is a need to smoothly adapt to new requirements requiring implementation by standardized working procedures and supported with IT infrastructure.


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NordCheck offers the following compliance services:


Compliance Mapping

When you want to know how effectively your company manages compliance and what are your best practices of the subject, you benefit from the NordCheck Compliance Mapping. Compliance Mapping provides an evaluation of the current compliance status compared to the future targets.


    The Compliance Mapping consists of four main phases – pre-study, facilitated workshop(s), analysis and full report of the Compliance Mapping outcome.

      ISO 19600 pre-study

      Do you need to know how to get prepared for the ISO 19600 (Compliance Management Systems Guidance Standard) implementation? NordCheck ISO 19600 pre-study aids you to integrate ISO 19600 to your existing ISO standards, such as ISO 9001.