Modular, easy-to-deploy compliance solution ensuring compliance, securing reputation and creating value.


NordCheck Compliance solutions are based on a leading content management technology. All solutions are managed on the same platform. NordCheck is developing integrated, modular solutions that improves significantly the implementation of different industries the regulation and follow best practices and GxP. The delivery of the solutions is fast and efficient due to the modularity.
NordCheck help customers to transform compliance operations and processes from manual and siloed approach to up-to-date, dynamic and efficient business advantage.

Value provided by NordCheck solutions

  • Compliance – reputation – value
  • Free the brain capacity from repetitive and manual cut-and-paste tasks to creative solving of customers’ problems and increasing sales.
  • Save time from overlapping routine tasks.
  • Avoid mistakes by automating the compliance process and prevent the loss of reputation and value of the company.
  • The comprehensive management and efficient implementation of the regulation – Compliance made easy and up-to-date.
  • Displaying compliance-related information from various systems in a single unified system and advanced permission setting capabilities


NordCheck offers compliance solutions for the following use cases

Risk Management

Are your company’s risks managed in the notorious John’s spreadsheet that no one else can access or modify? If yes, it is time change the tide and invest into solution that will lift risk management to everyone’s responsibility! NordCheck Risk Management solution enables efficient and structured management of: 
Risk Management
  • Risk Assessment Events
  • Risk Assessment Event generated risks
  • Ad-hoc risks reported by the organization or triggered automatically by external systems
  • Risk-specific Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  • Risk Assessment-Risk-CAPA related documentation
  • Risk reporting

The solution supports using mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets) to record risks with photos and to mark tasks completed.

Regulation & Policy Management

Do you struggle with linking regulations applicable to your business with internal policies? NordCheck Regulation & Policy Management solution takes care of the documentation of relevant standards, helps to identify the requirements caused by regulation and helps to define correct proof points to confirm the results.
    Regulation library
    • Regulations, standards, and GxP relevant to operations
    • A new approach: the regulations and standards are dismounted to requirements and control points that can be signed to a responsible person or a role.
    • Regulation requirements and controls can be attached to a process or a role.
    • Requirement specific controls

    Regulation documentation: all needed information for an instant audit.

    Policy library
    • Internal policies
    • Policy documentation (draft – review – approve – publish– update)
    • Policy related learning rules to employees
    • Automatic periodic reviews assigned to relevant employees

    The change management of the requirements and controls

    Audit Management

    Do you still manage audits and related information in spreadsheets and various documents? If yes, it is time adopt a more efficient way to handle audit management! The new and improved NordCheck Audit Management solution introduces unprecedented efficiency to audits and certification (Patent Pending).
    The solution includes:
    • Audit Plans
    • Audit Events
    • Audit Findings
    • Finding-specific Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
    • Audit-Finding-CAPA related documentation
    • Automated audit reporting
    • One-glance view to audit events and recommendations.

    The solution supports using mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets) to record findings with photos and to mark tasks completed.

    Issue Management (deviations, incidents etc.)

    Are your company’s issues managed in spreadsheets and e-mail correspondence? Are your issue specific corrective and preventive actions just a fantasy? If yes, it is time make a change and take control! NordCheck Issue Management solution enables efficient, dynamic and structured management of:
    Issue Management
    • Issues (deviation, incident, observations etc.) reported by the organization or triggered automatically by external systems
    • Issue-specific Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
    • Issue-CAPA related documentation
    • Issue reporting

    The solution supports using mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets) to record issues with photos and to mark tasks completed.

    Sustainability Management

    NordCheck Sustainability Management is a flexible tool for general Sustainability Management for an enterprise. It aligns with other compliance solutions like requirement and control management, risk management, and vendor management. The solution includesfor example the following processes:

    Sustainability Management
    • The management of a sustainability project
    • The management and follow up of sustainability objectives
    • Collecting information for reporting
    • Processing the up-to-date info for management’s renumeration program.

    Contract Management

    Do you know where your company contracts are stored? Are you aware of expiration periods of your contract base? NordCheck Contract Management enables efficient and structured management of the content of the contracts in addition to the structure like electronic signing
    Contract management
    • Contract templates
    • The whole contract process: drafting – review – approval – signing
    • Contract based milestones, reminders, obligations, sanctions and sustainability requirements.
    • AI-based contract content analysis

    3rd Party Management

    Do you know the compliance status of your suppliers? Do you have a dynamic solution for on-boarding and periodically verifying the status of each supplier? Are you supplier contracts properly managed? If no, fear not – NordCheck 3rd Party Management solution enables efficient, dynamic and structured management of:
      3rd Party Management
      • 3rd Party on-boarding
      • 3rd Party auditing
      • 3rd Party related contract management
      • 3rd Party related document management
      • 3rd Party status reporting

      Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

      Regulatory requirement for food and feed industry in Europe and beyond.

      The HACCP system is meant to provide an effective and rational means of assuring food safety from harvest to consumption. Preventing problems from occurring is the paramount goal underlying any HACCP system.

      NordCheck HACCP Solution is a baseline industry template.

      • The template is based on FAO guidelines for HACCP solutions.
      • The template provides an effective starting point, expediting implementation significantly.
      • The template is easy to customize, be changed and complemented.


      Do you have an inventory of data systems where personal data is stored? Do you know what personal data registries you have? Do you a system for storing personal data requests or data breaches? If not, it is time to fix that situation – NordCheck GDPR solution enables efficient, dynamic and structured management of:
      • Data systems
      • Data registries
      • System suppliers
      • Data incidents and requests
      • Audits, including Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
      • Periodic reviews
      • Robust document management


      Are you aware about the upcoming European Union legislation regarding whistleblowing? Do you have a modern channel for registering whistleblowing incidents? If not, NordCheck has a solution for you – NordCheck Whistleblowing Channel enables efficient, dynamic and structured management of:
      • Whistleblowing incidents (anonymous option is supported)
      • Whistleblowing incident processing
      • Incident specific Corrective and Preventive Actions
      • Incident reporting

        NordCheck also has partnerships with companies providing outsourced services for processing whistleblowing incidents.

      Material Compliance (integrated with GreenSoft technology)

      Does your business depend on material compliance? Do terms like RoHS, REACH, conflict minerals reporting ring a bell for you? NordCheck partners with RoHS Management for helping companies to tackle material compliance issues. The solution can include for example the following processes:

        Material Compliance
        • CE marking process with integration to GreenSoft data management services for assessing product compliance
        • Conflict minerals reporting with integration to GreenSoft data management services for obtaining and validating supplier CMRT forms
        • Technical documentation for the assessment of electrical and electronic products with respect to the restriction of hazardous substances