The NordCheck team has gotten a new addition. The newly appointed Junior Compliance Solution Specialist, Stefan Bonney, is an international technology expert with international law and finance experience. 

Stefan strengthens NordCheck’s compliance team with legal expertise and experience from international markets. As the Junior Compliance Solution Specialist, he ensures that our customers receive modern compliance solutions that have been tailored to fit their needs. 

– In addition to his law degree, Stefan has experience in various fields such as technical, financial, sales, and compliance. This multidisciplinary background makes him the right person for the Junior Compliance Solution Specialist position, says Kai Linnervuo, Chief Operating Officer at NordCheck. 

Stefan has an international and diverse work history. After graduating with a Master of Law in England, he worked in Hong Kong for several years. Following his move back to Finland, Stefan worked as an IT analyst at HCL Technologies. 

– Thanks to his extensive experience, Stefan can serve customers holistically. He understands the needs of customers on multiple levels, Kai says. 

The modern compliance solution is tailored to the customers’ needs 

In his role, Stefan helps clients incorporate modern compliance into their daily operations. 

– Customers have different needs, and my job is to tailor the services we offer to fit those needs. For many companies, business is constrained by numerous manual tasks that could be performed quickly and safely with the help of automation. I want to help customers take full advantage of automation and modern compliance to boost their company’s growth, Stefan says. 

Modern compliance covers both responsibility issues and ethics. Through it, a company can lead reputation and create value.  Its importance has grown into one of any company’s most important assets.

– Modern compliance is extensive and adapts to the individual needs of companies. With Stefan’s appointment, NordCheck’s team is even more vital. With the help of our skilled employees, we can offer our unique service, a modern compliance management system that ensures the success of a company, Kai sums up.

For more information, please contact:
Stefan Bonney
Junior Compliance Solution Specialist

Kai Linnervuo
Chief Operating Officer

Kai Linnervuo, founder of COO and NordCheck Oy