Compliance solutions built on leading technology


NordCaheck’s Modern Compliance solutions are modular, industry best practices built-tin, and it allows all information and processes related to rules, risks, quality and responsibility to be managed on the same platform.

Documents are critical to quality management and compliance tasks – that’s why NordCheck’s core idea is to build Modern Compliance solutions using content management technology. In this case, the company’s document management and compliance work seamlessly and correctly.

The information is not scattered in different places and solutions, but the necessary information can be accessed quickly both on a computer and a mobile device.

‘We have developed various industry solutions for the platform, new functionalities for certain use cases. We complement our solutions with other technologies.‘


Our technology solution does not classify information into folders but intuitively, using metadata based on what information is in question. Information, records, tasks, requirements – all compliance issues are up-to-date and easy to find.

Our technological solution integrates seamlessly with other systems and data warehouses. From one place, you can access information in e-mail, a network drive, a file-sharing service, or a CRM or ERP system, among other things.

  • True Enterprise Search through a single interface from any connected source.
  • All actions, documents, records that can be accessed immediately from any relevant matter.
  • Workflows, space, functions on one platform.One compliance platform, one truth – transparent, effective, secure

    Our compliance solutions are modular and can be integrated with existing solutions. The core idea of NordCheck’s approach is both modularity and coverage.


  • Different functions on the same platform in their own roles, with the right tasks and the correct permissions.
  • Object and document version history is immediately available, easy to check.
  • Role, function, user-specific views on any content, easily embraced for every purpose and role.
  • Management reporting of all records, data and status also via PowerBI, ClickView.
  • Stakeholder management in a demanding compliance environment

    A powerful and easy tool for partners and customers to interact through an easy-to-use portal

  • Share, download and upload files
  • Seamlessly integrates internal processes with third parties
  • Tasks, data, files – all easily accessible
  • Improved digital customer and partner experience
  • Seamless integration of internal processes with customer and supplier management
  • One source for the right files, versions, and data



The technology deployed leverages powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to automate, simplify and assist the user with how they interact with information, particularly in automatically classifying documents based on the document content.
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