Compliance solutions built on leading technology

Solutions based on Leading Technology

NordCheck Compliance solutions are based on analyst-praised technology enabling customers to tackle multiple use cases on the same technology platform. The platform offers a fundamentally new and unique approach that eliminates information silos by providing quick and easy access to the right data and content from various business systems – with laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Our solution offers a new approach to intelligent information management, and it is based on three fundamental concepts::


Our innovation challenges the traditional folder-based approaches by intuitively managing information by what it is versus where it is stored.


Rather than requiring that information be stored in a single repository, open architecture of our solution supports connectors to other systems and repositories (including network files shares, e-mail, file sharing services, CRM, ERP and legacy ECM systems) enabling accessing the relevant content from a single UI.


Our solution leverages powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to automate, simplify and assist the user with how they interact with information, particularly in automatically classifying documents based on the document content.

Praised by analysts and customers

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