Modern Compliance – approach and platform

Company Vision

NordCheck modernizes the way compliance is managed in organizations – moving from siloed, manual processes and tools to unified and dynamic processes supported by modern tools.

The Why

Our vision is to help organizations to transform compliance into a competitive advantage. 

Competitive advantage equals increased trust from customers, being more attractive employer and protecting the share value.

We want to make organizations understand compliance more holistically – including also ethics, responsibility and sustainability.

The How

We pursuit our Why by providing organizations the best possible tools and services for transforming compliance into a competitive advantage. 

This means providing an integrated system for managing all important compliance aspects. 

We eliminate information silos, decrease manual and ineffective work and bring in automated ways for compliance management.

NordCheck solutions are modular, easy-to-deploy. Modules work seamlessly together. We are developing new solutions to meet the requirements and needs of tomorrow.

The What

NordCheck provides a comprehensive set of modular solutions. While the solutions can cover compliance matters broadly, NordCheck recommends that solutions are deployed gradually, implemented with only necessary adaptions, and enhanced later as needed.

The use of NordCheck solution templates shortens projects significantly, and following industry best practices helps to reduce internal work by a client. Starting with the most urgent, deploying relevant modules first is relevant. The solutions are built with the insight of subject matter experts to follow industry best practices.

NordCheck is patenting new inventions, and our visionary, innovative approach serves our clients well. The platform is exceptionally flexible, can easily be expanded to respond to future regulatory requirements.

For more information about our solution portfolio, check out the Solutions section


What is this for you?

  • Robust features, flexible compliance management
  • More meaningful work. No time lost in finding information, files and tasks.
  • Ability to manage own tasks, responsibilities and related material effectively.
  • Ability to implement changes and actions through at group, business unit or corporate level.
  • Ability to react and act effectively and in a timely manner.
  • Ability to demonstrate compliance at once -at own, group, company level.
  • Ability to focus on subject matter, not on information management.