Vision of Automated


Company Vision

NordCheck modernizes the way compliance is managed in organizations – moving from siloed, manual processes and tools to unified and dynamic processes supported by modern tools.

The Why

Our vision is to help organizations to transform compliance into a competitive advantage. 

Competitive advantage equals increased trust from customers, being more attractive employer and protecting the share value.

We want to make organizations understand compliance more holistically – including also ethics, responsibility and sustainability.

The How

We pursuit our Why by providing organizations the best possible tools and services for transforming compliance into a competitive advantage. 

This means providing an integrated system for managing all important compliance aspects. 

We eliminate information silos, decrease manual and ineffective work and bring in automated ways for compliance management.

The What

 We provide organizations various integrated solutions for compliance aiming for organizations having as holistic view to their compliance as possible in one unified landscape. For more information about our solution portfolio, check out the Solutions section.

We provide organizations compliance and business process mapping, as well as extensive expertise through our partner network.

We serve organizations in all industries in their path for transforming compliance into a competitive advantage. 

Operational Model

We operate and serve organizations by providing the subject matter expertise, technological know-how and delivery capability through selected system integrators and technology & industry partners. For more information about our partners, check out the Partners section.

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